Video Production with a Visionary Approach


Helping you brand your company with film and/or video takes more than just pointing a camera and shooting. We do creative work that is a reflection of what you have to offer to your clients, customers, etc. Read the following testimonials about Bizazz Media to learn how we can fulfill your requests.

"Sincerest Congratulations on the extraordinary job you did on all fronts, in all departments, in every way."

Pamela E. Hedley

Senior Vice President - Worldwide Productions

The Manhattan Project LTD

"What you did for both the culture and sense of fun on Friday night with that video was breathtaking. I have simply not seen such a positive response from a group of basically conservative Doctors in my thirty years at this. The association owes you a great debt of gratitude for all you did."

Dr. David Cannom
  President - NASPE

"In his production of SEVEN EXPERIMENTS THAT COULD CHANGE THE WORLD, Rupert Hitzig has captured Dr. Rupert Sheldrake's philosophy and theories on their many levels, ranging from the sublime to the astonishingly practical. As the founder of Wellspring, I can say without qualification that Hitzig's work on SEVEN EXPERIMENTS is the finest realization, both conceptually and visually of any Wellspring Production. I feel honored to have introduced the "two Ruperts", each a wonder in his field."

John Roche
Founder - Wellspring Media

"Great job. Your video celebrating our 25th Anniversary, shown at the San Francisco Museum of Art, was a wonder. Thank you for all that you accomplished in such a short time."

Merle Adelman
Public Relations - Heart Rhythm Society